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First Armour, one of KIG’s affiliates, held a workshop in its facilities for the different security entities in Jordan to illustrate the various equipment used in personal protection and the protection levels provided by each. The workshop also included a brief about the maintenance and storage procedures that should be followed to protect the equipment. Furthermore, a brief about the different international protection levels and their differences was demonstrated to the attendees. 

The workshop is a continuation for the strategic relations between the Group and its strategic partners, where the Group’s affiliates have always sought to build bridges of cooperation and trust with its customers to ensure they receive the best services and that they are always well informed of the latest innovations produced by the Group’s affiliates.

First Armour provides effective personal protection solutions for individuals working in risky environments, military and law enforcement troops, aid workers and media correspondents who continually encounter different threats from small weapons, landmines and bombs while operating in conflict zones. First Armour is part of KIG's Troops Products Cluster