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 PASGT Helmet  JPH

  • Protection: Level IIIA (9mm)
  • Ballistic Performance: Tested against 9x19mm FMJ RN bullet 124 gr in accordance with National Institute of Justice Standard for Ballistic Helmets (NIJ 0106.01) at 436 m/s.
  • fragmentation Protection : 17grain FSP (600 m/s) 
  • Shape: PASGT
  • Shell Construction: Comprised of Aramid fibers (Kevlar® prepreg)
  • Shell Size (Circumference) : “S” (51-54 cm), “M” (55-57cm) , “L” (58-60cm)
  • Available Colors: Dark Blue, Black, Olive Green, Tan, UN blue .
  • Retention System: Multiple Retention and Suspension Pad Options (D3O , Air Bag System , Inner liner)
  • Gross Weight (Medium) : 1.400 kg ± 5 %
  • Warranty: Our helmets are guaranteed for FIVE years from delivery date. This warranty excludes any defects caused by misuse or improper storage and handling. Ballistic performance and endurance will be tested in accordance with International Standards and procedures.